Cyber Crime Complaint Center

Welcome to the Cybercrime Complaint Center. We are assisting government agencies, law firms, lawyers, and victims of cyber crime related cases.

Cyber Crime Training, Seminars and Workshops:

A rare occasion where the Cyber Crime Complaint Center will share its knowledge and expertise to help practicing lawyers, security consultants, law firms and criminology practitioners in their understading of Cyber Technologies in relation to various cyber crime cases and situations.

Module One

A Cyber Crime Seminar and Workshop on Data Recovery and Data Security; the entry level of cyber security. People wonder why their important data are compromised even if they had already deleted these from their harddisk or flash drives. The Cyber Crime Seminar and Workshop will demonstrate how erased data can still be recovered from harddisk, external drives or flash drives. The Data Security portion aims to educate computer users on how to permanently delete important files. A demonstration on how hacking is performed to a computer device will also be conducted.

Module Two

An in-depth discussion on various cyber crime terminologies will also be discussed in relation to the Cyber Crime Law, both local and abroad and the available defenses, remedies, tools and services that a cyber crime consultant may encounter in the course of pursuing a cyber crime case. Module to also aims to give an insight on how mobile devices are easily hacked; sms (text messages) are intercepted, live calls are monitored, and how a cyber criminal can gain access to the mobile phone's photo gallery, video gallery and other sensitive data.

Module Three

At this point, participants will be taught on how to deal with Identity Theft, Online Libel, Financial Fraud and related Scams committed over the Internet through various social networking sites. Techniques in effectively corresponding with Facebook will also be discussed along with the various techniques and services available in tracing the identity of the cyber criminal utilizing Facebook and other social networking sites.

Module Four

Online Reputation Management - How to remove unwanted materials, articles, blog sites, Libelous or Fake Facebook Groups &Facebook Pages, ect., thereby removing malicious, libelous, compromising, bad, negative or simply "unfriendly" materials not only from the Google search engine's page results but from the Internet as well.

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Cyber Crime Complaint Center * Engr. Antonio E. Jimeno, Jr., ECE * (+63917) 445-9295 *

Modules One and Two will be conducted tentatively, in a limited slot on December 7, 2015, 8:00 A.M. to 5 P.M. at the UP Hotel, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

Things to bring:

1. Blank Flash Drive

2. Computer/Laptop (Windows Operating System)

3. Pocket WIFI or Internet Stick (optional)

Cyber Crime Seminars, Workshops, Training